Rudneftegaz refinery in Russia produce a wide range of high grade petroleum jet fuel and diesel products


With Installed capacity of 4.6 million tons of refining volume, The refinery porocessed 3.9 million tons in 2018 maintaining its development year-on-year growth




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Delivering the Best Global Industry Services.

The mission of Rudneftegaz is to produce and sell petrochemicals and services of a high quality. The company also develops new markets alongside with already existing ones.


The company has a balanced portfolio of assets in Russia in key oil and gas regions (Western Siberia, the Volga-Ural region and Central Siberia). The volume of reserves according to the international

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At the end of 2019, the actual gas production of Rudneftegaz amounted to 2,451 million cubic meters, including 258 million cubic meters of natural gas. The Company's fields produced 2,193 million

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Oil & Gas Production

Baltransnefte adheres to the principle of a responsible attitude of business to society.The company strives to fully contribute to the development of the regional economy and the growth of the well-being

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The company's activities cover the entire spectrum of work in the oil and gas field exploration and refining process

Mission & Strategy

Rudneftegaz is a conductor of state interests in the fuel and energy complex in the international arena


We are a large holding uniting more than 20 joint ventures and subsidiaries in various segments of the oil and gas business


The company has a rich history of implementing international oil and gas projects around the world


The company understands the importance of the human factor

in the development of production and the growth of labor productivity.

Rudneftegaz pursues an active policy aimed at close interaction and satisfaction of the demands of the work collective, former employees and the younger generation.

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